Extreme Wet Weather Dry Gear Backpack by Mad Man

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This Extreme Wet Weather Dry Gear Backpack, is seriously no joke. The Dry Gear line of backpacks by Mad Man keeps all your items protected and dry, everywhere you go. This waterproof Dry Gear backpack was created so you can be free to hike, hunt, kayak or absolutely any other outdoor experience you want, while keeping your gear and equipment, dry and safe. Equipped with adjustable straps and strong durable clips, this bag will offer lasting protection. Lightweight, but tough, material prevents ripping and tearing to help keep your GPS units or radios in good working order. 

Made of:  500D Waterproof PVC

Dimensions: 13.5" in x 27.75"in x 6.75"in 

4-7 Days delivery time because we buy it directly from the supplier to keep costs lower.