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             If these past few years has taught us anything, it's that the world can change for the worst, quickly. War, Weather, Inflation and Political Instability are just a few we've been watching as of recently. These day more and more families and individuals are beginning to look toward the possibility of a "just in case" situation. Weather its families beginning to can food, where they hadn't before now. We're seeing the raise of community gardens once more.  Leaders of households are on the look out to find likeminded people to work together with toward securing their family again the unforeseeable future. 

            Stand United Survival is working to become a educational platform in the "disaster preparedness" community. With a unique emphasize on what the everyday man or women can do to improve their homes, build their get-home-bags, also we are working towards becoming a zero commission site where the members can purchase selected gear at cost. Meaning if you join Stand United Survival as a standing subscriber, the staff at Stand United Survival will research, source and display all the best stand gear we can find on the markets though our network of suppliers (AT ZERO COMMISION) to the members.

In these past few year we have seen everything from Covid-19 bringing our entire country to a near halt. Shutting whole city's and states, and in extreme cases, like Australia, whole countries down. Now we are witness the largest threat to the US dollar.

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