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As the growing tensions of the world increase and grow more faster than expected. People are beginning to look more and more toward the possibility of a "just in case" situation. Weather its a situation where nobody help change a tire like they did when we were kids. If some was broke down you offered help. Nowadays were trained to help no one, which if your the person broke down you are on your own as people pass you by. Or the parents who can visualize a world where they no longer have access to the stores or pharmacy's to feed their kids. 

But why are so many people against this idea. Why do people with so much writing on the wall of a future where there is risk however slight it may be. Are adamantly against preparing, or prepping. Over the years Preppers have been given a somewhat tarnished image. From movies portraying us as crazy or tin foil hat wearer. But the community still grew. Plans were made by single and multiple familys with Bug-In plans and Bug-out plans

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